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Stocks of the stock market, can be likened to the oil that drives the oil industry. An ordinary citizen has the chance to tap into the profits of big businesses, by contributing a specified sum towards the capital of any company. This is done by buying stocks, an investment that gives them the right to vote for the company's directors, and share in the company profits by way of dividends. These stocks can be traded by investors, to make profits. Learn more about stock investing from the comprehensive guide provided below.

How to Pick Stocks That Pay Dividends

To find the best dividend-paying stocks, you need the right filter, that is based on growth-suggestive parameters. Here's a small guide that will help you build such a value-seeking filter criterion, which will sift out the best...

10 Biggest IPOs in History

An initial public offering (IPO) is a kind of public offering where shares are sold to the public on a securities exchange for the first time. Well-known firms go from being private to public-listed after their shares are released...

Beginner Investing: Stock Market Investing for Dummies

Before investing in stocks, you should know the functioning of the stock market. This article will serve as the beginner's guide for stock market investing.

Best Stock Investing Strategies

Are you into buying and selling stocks in the stock market? Here are some of the best stock investing strategies to help you maximize your profits.

EBITDA Calculation

EBITDA calculation is very important before we take any decision regarding buying shares in a company. This article will help you to understand its calculation in a systematic way. Have a look.

Best Stocks for 2012

Some of the best stocks for 2012 have been discussed here, the simple logic that makes these stocks really successful, has also been explained.

Best Dividend Stocks for 2012

Choosing the right stocks at the right time is very important for success in the stock market. Dividends paid by companies help investors to increase their earnings from the market. In this article, you will find the best dividend...

Best Stocks to Buy Right Now 2012

The information on best stocks to buy in 2012 will help you make a good stock investment portfolio and secure your financial future. So, keep reading to know more.

Best Stocks Under $5

Which are the best stocks under $5 to invest in or trade? This is one question which arises in the minds of millions of stock market enthusiasts across the world. This article has information about the best stocks under $5 in 2012,...

High Yield Stocks 2012

The following article discusses some high yield stocks. 2012 is going to be a year of quiet growth, as the world battles through economic recession, but there are still excellent opportunities to make money through stocks. To know...

Energy Stocks to Invest in 2012

In the modern world, energy production has become a crucial aspect of any economy, so much so, that it is connoted to be the fire power of a said economy as it defines the rate of growth and development. Here is a list of some of...

Oil Stocks to Invest in 2012

Crude oil or petroleum companies have some of the best oil stocks to invest in 2012, as a result of some favorable market conditions.

Best Stocks to Invest in 2012

Here, I present some of the best stocks to invest in 2012. Investing in the best possible stocks, is a systematic process that needs careful, logical and patient analysis. The process of investing, and a few good investment options...

Best Stocks to Invest In

Which are the best stocks to invest, in the coming years? This might be the biggest question before millions of stock market investors round the world. This article will present to you the sectors which can outperform the broader...

Stocks to Buy Now

You need to be shrewd in knowing which stocks to buy now, that are making a consistent profit flow. Also find out how to invest smartly, without falling into severe losses...

Is Convertible Preferred Stock a Smarter Way to Invest?

Being a beginner in investment I am always looking for safe and secure options to help my savings grow. As I am a averse to taking risk I avoid investing in risky stocks. On the contrary, I prefer investing in such options which...

Common Mistakes in Buying and Selling Stocks

Investing in stock market takes some amount of research and planning on the part of an investor. However, there are times when investors make some mistakes people make in the stock market.

Employee Stock Options Explained

Employee stock options is a method of awarding ace performers financially. This article will help you understand how stock options work and their benefits.

How to Calculate Dividend Yield

Dividend yield value of a stock is one of the prime indicators of its earning potential. In this article, you will find a clear explanation of dividend yield calculation, from the knowledge of dividends per share and current share...

What to Look for When Buying a Stock

Buying stocks at right levels and at the right time is a must to earn good profits from them. In this article, we shall try to understand what to look for when buying a stock.

How to Invest in Solar Energy Stocks

Stock market investments can generate great returns for investors in a good economy. There are many solar energy stocks in the markets and this article will give you complete details about how to invest in them to make the most.

How to Buy Gold Stock

People who have never traded in gold stocks, now is the right time to invest in them. Learn how to buy gold stock and understand how it can be beneficial for a diversified portfolio.

Top Solar Energy Stocks

Oil, coal and gas are bound to end some day. Sadly, that day may not be too far. The world community is looking forward to the primary source of life on Earth - the Sun, for meeting its energy requirements. With the solar energy...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing in Stocks

People who are planning to invest in stocks should definitely have prior knowledge about the various risks involved. Putting large amount of money in stocks is no child's play and it is always good to know the pros and cons of such...

Wind Energy Companies to Invest In

Investors all across the globe are taking keen interest in numerous alternative energy sources as these sources are going to be the next big thing in the green stock investments. Information about some stocks of wind energy...

How to Buy IPO Stocks

Investing in IPO (Initial Public Offering) of good companies can be very profitable for all kinds of investors. In this article, let us know about how to buy IPO stocks in detail.

Real Estate Vs. Stock Market Investing

A dilemma that troubles several of us who wish to invest, is the choice between real estate or stock market. A very logical and rational explanation to this dilemma may help you make an intelligent choice.

Qualified Dividends

Understanding the concept of qualified dividends is a must for all people who are interested in studying finance. So, let us discuss them in detail in this article...

Best Large Cap Dividend Stocks

Stock dividends can increase our net worth considerably and are a good source of income, to fulfill our liquidity requirements. In this article, we shall know in detail about the best large cap dividend stocks which should be a...

How to Start Investing in Stocks

Stock market investments are to be done with detailed planning and extensive research. There is a simple procedure which you need to follow to earn well through securities. This article on how to start investing in stocks will...

Understanding Stocks and Bonds

If the purpose of your online visit is understanding stocks and bonds, this article will be an interesting read. Here I shall provide an easy to follow explanation, which will help you in understanding how stocks and bonds work.

How to Buy Apple Stock

Apple stock is one of the most reliable to hold in one's portfolio. So, to understand how to buy Apple stock, read on.

Things You Need to Know about Stock Call Option

Call option is a kind of stock that is a bit uncommon as well as complex. In the following article, a brief elaboration on the same has been provided. To know more, read on...

Best Long Term Stocks to Buy

Identifying the best long term stocks 2011 is indeed a challenging task because of deceptive moves in many stocks in the market. The good long term stocks mentioned below will help you emerge as a winner in the markets. So,...

How to Invest in Stocks with Little Money

You are short on cash, nevertheless, you want to invest in stocks and profit from volatility. Here's how you can go about it, in the safest possible way.

What is a Call Option?

A call option entitles the buyer, a purchasing right for the underlying future contract, at the strike price, anytime before the contract expires. If executed wisely, it gives higher returns than the traditional stock investing.

Buying Foreign Stocks

Buying foreign stocks online is possible and can be extremely profitable in the long term. This article contains detailed information on the reasons for investing in them, as well as the procedure for buying them online.

How to Identify Stocks that Pay High Dividends

Many global equity investors look for stocks that pay high dividends consistently. In this article, we shall discuss how to identify such stocks based on certain indicators.

How to Calculate Dividends Per Share

This article will explain to you what dividends are and how to calculate dividends per share.

How Stock Dividends Work

Dividends provide an intrinsic motivation for investors to become shareholders of a company. This article is a short introduction to how they work to create an extra source of income.

Best Stocks to Invest in Right Now

Which are the best stocks to invest in right now? If you're looking for some investment options, then you have landed at the right piece of information. Learn about some of the best stocks to invest in, right now.

High Risk Stocks to Invest In

Ideally, high risk stocks must provide high returns on the invested money, so that the risk taken in investing is worthwhile. Here's more...

Why Invest in Stocks

Why should one invest in stocks? What are the advantages of being an active stock trader? These might be the questions on your mind when you see and hear news about stock markets. This article will help you understand why you...

Introducing Kids to the Stock Market

With increasing popularity and options of stocks for kids, more parents are showing interest in teaching their kids basic investment fundamentals. Keep reading to know more...

Stock Picking Methods

We all make use of various methods to make a robust investment portfolio. This article presents some ideal ways to pick good stocks in the market.

Mutual Funds vs Stocks

The debate on whether one should invest in mutual funds or stocks is an age-old one. In this article, we have explained the differences of investing in the two instruments, and how to choose one over the other.

Buying Stocks for the First Time

If you are buying stock for the first time, there are a lot of things you need to know about. This article is a short and simple guide for beginners.

How do Dividends Work

Dividends are part of the reason why investors prefer the stocks of certain companies. This article aims to explain how dividends work to distribute company profits among its shareholders.

What Does Buying Stock On Margin Mean

How does margin trading work? What are the pros and cons of buying shares using leverage? Read to get all the answers.

How to Buy Stocks: A Guide for Beginners

Investing in stocks is easy, but to make profit and avoid investing in bad stocks requires some knowledge of the market. Here are some tips for beginners.

Bonds vs Stocks

Saving bonds or stocks - which is a better and profitable investment option? This is a question that exists in the minds of millions of investors across the globe. This article will put forth the advantages and disadvantages of...

How to Exercise Stock Options

Are you looking for the meaning and implications of exercising a stock option? Read on to know what they are and how an employee can use them effectively.

Information about Dividend Payout Ratio

Dividend Payout ratio is amount of dividend paid by the company in comparison to its net income. This value in percentage indicates the amount of revenues that go into paying dividends. Keep reading to know more...

Stock Information for Beginners

Though the returns might be high, the stock market is very volatile, and not everyone can invest here successfully. This Buzzle article provides useful tips for beginners interested in playing the stock market.

Arbitrage Pricing Theory

According to the arbitrage pricing theory, the return on a portfolio is influenced by a number of independent macro-economic variables.

Buying Stocks Without a Broker

Direct investment plans are useful for people who are interested in buying stocks without a broker.

Best Stock Investments

Stock investment is the best way to make your money grow. Here are certain tips on how to select the best stock investments. Read on to know more.

A Conversation with Mr. Stoploss: The Stock Market Guru

A discussion with Mr. Stoploss, Millionnaire, on his views on investing in the stock market.

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